A Woman of Many Hats

Floppy Hat

Fedora Hat

Bowler Hat

This winter has been rather cruel with the endless cold and snow. One of the few positive aspects about this winter was being able to wear hats, and as a result I have been rather hat crazy this season. If you are like me then at times you have come across different types of hats and have wondered if buying one would be a good idea, or if wearing a hat would go well with your look. Today I challenge you to try something different. Find yourself a hat and take it home with you. Howard Walstein once said, "Do something uncomfortable today. By stepping out of your box, you don't have to settle for what you are; you get to create who you want to become." In order to take uncharacteristic risks in life we must force ourselves to come out of our comfort zones. It is only when we try new things that we can find out what is good or not good for us. There are different types of hats and these are three of my favorite styles thus far this winter: Floppy, Fedora and Bowler hats. Think of hats as an accessory; it adds just the right amount of touch and character to your outfit. Even if in the end the hat does not suit your style at least you took a risk and tried something out of the ordinary, and that goes a long way when attempting to step out of your comfort zone.


Click on the links to find more information on the hats:                                                                                 Floppy Hat: Blue color from Forever 21, Burgundy from Shopmyhats.com. Fedora Hat: Burgundy and blue from Forever21. Bowler Hat: Olive color by Forever 21