Beach Ready


Memorial Day is right around the corner and I want you to be ready for that day. This post is about the essentials for a beach day. You cannot go without the right bathing suit, which is one of the main items you should have every summer. I chose the retro high waisted bikini because this bikini goes perfectly with any body type. It covers the right places and gives you a nice shape as well. It is a must have bathing suit this summer. I also decided to go with a crochet cover up. This piece is not a bathing suit cover up, but as I did you too can use any dress or kimono that you would like for the beach; because one can still have style on a beach day. I also purchased these great faux crisscross leather sandals; this style is very comfortable and it is a hit this summer so make sure you get yourself a pair. I got them in red to give this outfit a pop of color. It goes great with the white and beige color palette that I have going on in this picture. Finally, you can add the accessories like this straw hat to keep the sun's rays away from your beautiful face. Remember to always protect your skin from Sun damage.  Now of course you cannot go to the beach without sun glasses, and my favorite pair so far that go perfectly with my face is the aviator shades. I got these particular aviators from Ray-ban. YRemember, you should always try on different styles to see what suits you best. Most importantly, don't forget to have fun and take lots of pictures this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Hashtag rumastyle so I can see your different looks.

Crisscross sandals, Crochet dress, Retro Bathing suit, and Hat are from Forever 21.