I found a cute women's clothing store online called Shein. I have a couple of items that are on my list of clothing that I would love to purchase from them. They have different styles that are in season. I wrote this post to share some of the items that I will be buying, and, you can also click on the images below if you are interested in checking them out.

Fashion Made Simple

While doing this shoot I felt that for a moment I was taken back to a time where fashion seemed to be simpler: The late 1930s into the 1940s. There was not a lot of jewelry or extras in one's style. It seemed to cut right to the chase; nice, yet simple shoes, and an elegant clean cut dress. As I contemplated on the fashion I thought about how one's natural beauty would be the focal point more than the outfit itself. I love fashion at its simplest form. It is the little details that make a person stand out. In the same manner that this dress pops out in the midst of an urban landscape, (Meat Packing District) the color of this particular dress would make me stand out in a crowd of people. And, adding small touches of character such as a gold clutch and red lipstick help to set me apart in this shoot. You can choose to leave your outfit at its simplest as seen in this shoot, or depending on your personal taste you can add more accessories (necklace, bracelet, different color shoes, etc.). That is the beauty found in a simple dress; you can accessorize and give it a completely different twist. Paulo Coelho said it best when describing simplicity, "The simpler and more sober the posture the more beautiful it will be." Even though clothes and styles can be replicated what cannot be copied is you: your attitude, your flair, and your personality; these are solely displayed by you. Combining these wonderful attributes that you possess along with your outfit will then make your overall style unique. This will cause you to stand out as would a simple, yet beautiful peony in a valley of daffodils. 

By the way, this chic style would go perfectly for a night out with your Valentine.

Dress and Shoes by Zara, Clutch by H&M Photography by R&D Photography,                        Lip pencil by Nars