Nifty Shades of Brown


It is funny how life comes full circle. This is so true of fashion. When I was 15 years old I loved the color brown; nearly all of my clothes and shoes were that color. One could say that I had a fascination with the color brown. As some time passed I lost interest in wearing anything brown. Perhaps subconsciously I had told myself that I had enough of it in my life so I decided to let it go and move on to other colors. Now that I am I older I have learned to include different colors; not giving one color more preference than another. With this particular photo shoot I had fun putting all these different shades of browns together. The colors complemented each other well, and adding a striped blue top to the outfit made it stand out even more. My advice to anyone playing with color schemes is to not be afraid of putting together different shades of the same color for fear of looking too "matchie." A person that is dear and close to my heart once expressed to me, "A possibility gone unexplored is a potentially wasted opportunity to deepen one's own growth." Learn what works and doesn't work for your style and look, which comes via trial and error. Start with the basics such as the neutral colors: black, brown, beige, white, blue, and gray; for you can never go wrong with these colors, and then add your pop of varied colors to draw the eyes in. Do not be afraid to take risks in life for one of our greatest teachers is experience.

Pants and Shoes by Zara  , Jacket by H&M, Shirt and Purse and Jewelry by Forever21                  Photography by R&D Photography