I found a cute women's clothing store online called Shein. I have a couple of items that are on my list of clothing that I would love to purchase from them. They have different styles that are in season. I wrote this post to share some of the items that I will be buying, and, you can also click on the images below if you are interested in checking them out.

Fall For Fashion

Green is one of my favorite colors this fall. I bought a cute pleated high neck dress from Forever 21 at an amazing price of $24.90. The fit of this dress is very flowy. You can change the look of the dress by adding a belt like I did, and instantly your look changes. Recently, I changed my hair color for the fall and I love the way the color stands out with this dress. I wore Dolce Vitas shoes that I bought last year from Macy's. They are still in great condition. I added burgundy touches with a Forever 21 purse that I purchased last year.