The cold weather in NYC has been very harsh on my skin. I am a person that normally doesn't like to wear too much makeup, and I have never really been on top of using facial products, but because we had extremely cold days this winter and I was out more taking many pictures than the norm I had to figure out something to keep my skin moisturized. As a result I decided to go to Sephora and ask the makeup specialist questions about what is good for my skin for moisture and also a foundation for my face that would feel very light on my skin. The makeup specialist was so helpful about it and got me these two products that I am in love with and I'm raving about. She recommended that I use the BB cream since I wanted something light that I can use daily that won't make me look like I have too much foundation on my face. It is a moisturizing tint, which it is good because it gives your face moisture especially if your face has been affected by the cold of winter. I would definitely recommend this product BB cream from Bobby Brown. Another purchase that I made was the Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer by First Aid Beauty. It is good for sensitive skin and it is very light when you apply it to the face. My face has been having some dry patches since it has been really cold and being around the heat and using hot water affected my face as well. From the moment I started using it I saw an instant change. My skin looked refreshed and not dry or oily. It was a perfect balance. These products were a great buy. Remember to always consult an expert when buying facial products.